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Ramtaub is a family company that is devoted to the production and sale of tripes and variety meet products.


We belong to the fourth generation of the Ramells family, which has been devoted to the collection, handling and production of variety meat products from the beginnig of the XX century.

Generation after generation, parents have transmitted to their sons, their knowledge about the production of the products, always using traditional methods. Moreover, thoughout the years, the productive processes have undergone a qualitive and quantitive improvement, leading into our products reaching the market in the best conditions.



Our eagerness to better ourserlves brought us, at the beginning of the 80's to a journey thoughout Europe with the aim of getting to know the new technologies and the latest systems relevant for the sector. As a fruit of our labour we created, at the end of 1983 the company RAMTAUB, with the participation of the British family Taubman. Our company is, after 20 years of existence, one of the leaders of the meat sector in Europe. Thanks to yhe experience acquired together with the incorporation of the new technologies and the new sales system.


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